"100 percent is not bad, given that the car has a few years on it"

Sep 25, 2023

Meet Per-Arne Hallin from Gothenburg, the first private customer in Sweden to undergo DEKRA's battery test for electric cars. We reached out to him to learn about his experience with the test, which is also available at many of DEKRA's vehicle inspection stations across the country.

What is the reason you got in touch with DEKRA and chose to book their battery test? "Since I usually have my inspections done in the city of Vara, I noticed that DEKRA also offers battery tests for electric cars. I thought it might be worth trying since I purchased an electric car in early 2023."
What kind of car do you have? "It's a 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf with a 36-kWh battery. I mostly drive short distances, so the battery suits my needs perfectly."
You were DEKRA's first private customer in Sweden to book the battery test, how does that feel? "It was a bit exciting, especially considering that my battery showed to be in excellent condition. 100 percent is not bad at all, given that the car has a few years on it."
What is your experience with DEKRA and the battery testing procedure? "I must say that DEKRA in Vara is a very pleasant station with helpful and skilled staff. When it's like that, you're tending to return. As for the battery test itself, it was quick. The inspection technician took the car for a spin, accelerated and braked a few times. He also connected a device to the car to obtain the test results. The whole process took only about fifteen minutes, incredibly smooth!"
In what way has the battery test helped you? "It has helped me in the sense that I now have a test certificate to show if I were to sell the car. The battery is in good health, and it's a guarantee that the car retains its value because, from what I understand, these batteries aren't exactly cheap. I will definitely come back next year, if I still have the car, and do another battery test. We'll see if I've lost any percentage by then," he says with a laugh.
Lastly, how do you like being an electric car owner? "Very, very good! My wallet grows with each passing month as I no longer have to fill up with expensive diesel or gasoline. Instead, I charge my car at home in the garage for a fraction of the cost. It simply couldn't be better!"