Non-Destructive Testing
Avoid costly breakdowns

Work preventively and avoid the damage in time

Non-Destructive Testing

Testing saves money.

Collaboration with customers prevents breakdowns.

For those of you unfamiliar with non-destructive testing (NDT), it's all about discovering damage at an early stage that could otherwise have led to expensive breakdowns. Testing can range from checking welds on roller coasters to looking for cracks in reactor tanks.
While many firms can conduct tests, very few can match DEKRA's expertise, experience and broad range of testing methods. In consultation with our customers, we choose the method that best suits their specific needs – always with the primary focus on cost efficiency, quality and safety.

Our experience in combination with our size is why our customers choose us, not just for testing but also as a collaborative partner and advisor.

Jens Nyberg, technology manager for Testing Services, DEKRA Industrial AB
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