Energy transition, ESG, and Circular economy
Sustainable Strategies in Practice

Assisting with ESG, CSRD, Reporting of sustainability, Agenda 2023, Net Zero & social accountability


Key sustainability issues that are changing the world

We are facing several challenges, including climate change, human rights work, corruption, and overexploitation of natural resources.

ESG, CSRD, energy transition, etc

We are here to assist you with sustainability strategies tailored to your needs and goals. Our experts are well-versed in regulations such as CSRD and ESG issues, as well as processes to provide you with the best advice. Together, we can influence, innovate, and lead sustainability efforts to create a better future. We can guide you based on your unique needs to find the best solutions and assistance for you.

The benefits of DEKRA's services for sustainability challenges

  • Ensure a successful transition to renewable energy
  • Develop accurate assessment and management of your company's carbon footprint
  • Create effective sustainability strategies, meet public requirements, and promote future growth
  • Address new challenges with efficient sustainability strategies
Whether you are starting a new sustainable business or looking to introduce ESG and circular economy aspects to an already established company, DEKRA experts are here to assist you with all sustainability efforts. We tailor our approach to meet your individual needs
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