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Sustainability Strategies

In areas such as energy transition, vehicle electrification, as well as workplace safety and securit

Sustainable Services

Services for Sustainable Development

DEKRA offers its expertise and more than 500 customized services globally to support critical areas such as energy transition, electrification, and workplace health and safety.

With new technology and an increased demand for renewable energy, responsible materials, and products, manufacturers need to adapt their sustainability strategies. How can we quickly and efficiently address the new challenges and expectations affecting all industries and sectors?
Whether you're starting a new, sustainable business or looking to introduce a transition strategy, we are here to assist you with all your sustainability efforts. DEKRA meets the specific needs of your company.
Wind Energy
Wind energy plants, whether on-shore or off-shore, must be able to withstand the elements and reliably produce energy during their entire life cycle - up to or even exceeding twenty years. Downtime or accidents can pose serious problems to operators and workers. Therefore, safety and security must be the focus every step of the way. In addition, the planning, construction, operation as well as the dismantling of such plants all require thorough and extensive authorization processes and licensing procedures. In all these matters, our DEKRA experts provide you with competent support to meet the requirements of a smooth process and safe operation.
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Battery Test for Electric Cars
As e-mobility experts with many years of experience, we at DEKRA know that the State of Health, SoH, defined as the remaining capacity, of a used electric car’s battery has a strong influence on the value and performance of the vehicle. Through a 15-minute analysis, based on both static and dynamic testing, our electric car battery test provides an accurate assessment of the battery's SoH. Our solution covers a wide range of electric car models from various manufacturers and offers impartial, independent test results that you can rely on when using, buying, or selling used electric cars
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HSE: Health, Safety and Environment
Workplaces vary significantly, and it's not necessarily the case that high risks lead to more injuries, or vice versa. Identifying and addressing risks early on creates safety. The challenge may lie in detecting these risks and addressing them through appropriate methods. Our HSE specialists have been working for many years to assist clients in improving their work environment. For instance, DEKRA offers HSE management system certification, ensuring secure workplaces and the efficient use of resources. A certified system supports your efforts to maintain a strong, consistent workforce and an effective, sustainable energy policy, making your company more competitive and profitable.
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