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Emissions sticker requirements in the green zones in Germany.
In order to be allowed to drive vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses in the cities that have introduced emissions zones, the “Umweltzonen”, a sticker is required that is mounted on the windshield in the lower right corner.
The sticker is called “Feinstaubplakette” or “Umweltplakette” and shows that the car's particle emissions fall below a certain level. Vehicles without an emissions sticker may not drive into the green zone. Failure to provide an emissions sticker results in fines and possible towing out of the green zone.
This also applies to all vehicles that are registered abroad. For this reason, all motorists are advised to inform themselves about the emissions sticker and to acquire it in good time if they want to drive into one of the green zones.

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Here are the rules for different car types

The rapid development in the environmental field has brought with it the following rules regarding the German emissions stickers.
No sticker:
Diesel cars with first registration in 2000 and before, petrol cars with first registration in 1992 and before, as well as amateur built and converted vehicles, cannot receive a sticker. They are prohibited from driving in the environmental zones. Please note that diesel cars with first registration 1 January 2001 – 31 December 2005 (EURO3) can only get a yellow EURO3 sticker.
Instructions regarding installation of the environmental sticker:
  • Clean the inside of the box.
  • Remove the protective plastic from the sticker.
  • Mount the environmental sticker on the inside of the windscreen in the lower right edge, seen from the inside
Classic cars:
Cars that are vintage-classed, i.e. are 30 years old or older, counted from the 1st reg. date, and in original/period-typical condition, may drive freely in the German environmental zones without a sticker.
However, the registration certificate + membership card in a classic car club should be visible on the dashboard.
Motorcycles and vehicles with a handicap permit:
These vehicles do not need a sticker.
Regarding cars with personalized license plates
Vehicles that have personal number plates also have a regular registration number and consequently 2 different sets of number plates. In order for the environmental sticker to be valid, the regnr on the sticker must correspond to the number plates to be used during the journey in Germany.
Therefore, make sure that, in the sticker order, you indicate the number plates you intend to have on the vehicle during the trip in Germany.
    Diesel cars with first registration from 1 January 2006 and which meet the requirements (Euro 4) are read from the registration certificate environmental class 2005.
    Petrol cars with first registration on or after 1 January 1993. The sticker is valid until the car is scrapped.
    I have received a green EURO4 sticker even though my car has a EURO5 or EURO6 engine, why?
    The environmental sticker does not tell you which EURO class your car/engine has, but which German environmental zone class your car meets the requirements for. There are 2 different German environmental zone classes, EURO3(YELLOW) and EURO4(GREEN), where EURO4 (GREEN) is the highest, i.e. cleanest, class.
    This means that all vehicles with class EURO 4-6 engines get a EURO 4 (GREEN) sticker, which is the highest environmental zone class.
    Do you sell environmental stickers for other countries, e.g. France?
    How long is the sticker valid for, do I have to buy a new sticker every year?
    Do I have to have a sticker to drive in Germany?
    My windshield with a sticker on it has broken. How do I?
    New environmental zones in 2017
    Balingen (Baden-Württemberg)
    New environmental zones in 2016
    Aachen, Augsburg, Eschweiler and Marburg
    New environmental zones in 2015
    Darmstadt, Münster, Offenbach, Schramberg and Siegen.
    New environmental zones in 2014
    Bochum, Bonn, Bottrop, Castrop-Rauxel, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Gladbeck, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, Herne, Herten, Cologne, Langenfeld, Mühlheim, Neuss, Oberhausen, Recklinghausen
    In 2013, these environmental zones were added; Langenfeld, Leonberg/Hemmingen and surroundings, Ludwigsburg County, Mainz, Mönchengladbach, Remscheid, Schramberg, Wendlingen, Wiesbaden.
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