Personal safety and operational safety

Inspection in wind power mainly concerns lifts, cranes and hydraulic accumulators

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Safe wind power for all

The plant owner also needs peace of mind.

Personal safety should always be the highest priority and this safety is generally governed by laws and regulations. As a plant owner, prioritising personal safety goes without saying, but the investment must also be secured in the form of operational reliability. The advantage here is that personal safety and operational reliability usually go hand in hand; if the maintenance is done correctly then you get a safe facility.
DEKRA works with personal safety in the form of inspections of lifting equipment and pressure vessels. In the field of wind power, it’s mainly a question of elevators, cranes and hydraulic accumulators. DEKRA also has the experience and expertise to help the plant owner in matters related to operational reliability and working environment.
The fact that we can help the plant owners to carry out both statutory inspections and status inspections at the same time makes us unique. We save both time and money because we can run the plants ourselves, which means that our customers don’t have to book a service technician for this.
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