Information in the right place

A virtual navigation and reporting tool


Information in the right place with reliable location data. Manage the operating environment safely and efficiently.

VALTO360 creates a virtualization of your operating and production environments as 360° panoramic images. Information in the right place with reliable location data. Manage the operating environment safely and efficiently.
It is possible to add object-related information to virtual views. The object information includes pre-stored information about the desired object, such as text, images, documents, video, etc. The service also allows end users to report information about the objects from the field using mobile devices. It is possible to connect QR code labels to the service solution, by marking the desired object in the production environment. The QR code is read with a smartphone or tablet, which opens a virtual view of the object directly on the terminal device.
Our customers can create their own user groups and views of VALTO360°, enabling the provision of services to different groups of personnel according to their tasks and needs. The customer can also add views and functions to VALTO360° to meet the needs of subcontractors, partners, and authorities as well as their own needs.
VALTO360° can also send and receive messages about the objects if there are events that require attention or action.
If necessary, we integrate VALTO360° into the customer's data system, where information and reporting points discuss directly with the customer's own document management and reporting system.
The service can be implemented either as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or as a local solution, so that the software is installed on the customer's own data network. The service agreement for VALTO360° includes service implementation-related services, licenses and customer support.
The app at work
VALTO360° digitizes inspection of industrial facilities. With a special camera, a 360° image of the inspection site is created. Interesting places such as pipes, pressure equipment, valves and fire extinguishing equipment are marked on the pictures. In the "real world" these locations are marked with QR stickers.
With the help of the 360° images, the inspection engineer can orient himself on the site and identify the measurement points with augmented reality. The inspection engineer scans the QR code with a smartphone or toad. After taking measurements, the results are entered into the input mask. The data is transferred via the DEKRA Management System. The customer gets secure access to their data. The customer can access the data from anywhere with an internet connection and security clearance.
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