DEKRA: Ensuring Safe and Healthy Work Environments

We ensure a safe and healthy work environment through reliable workplace environmental measurements.

Workplace Environmental Measurements

DEKRA: Ensuring Safe and Healthy Work Environments

We provide comprehensive and reliable workplace environmental measurements to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Through our tailored services, you can identify and manage potential risks and issues related to your workplace environment.

Why are workplace environmental measurements important?
Workplace environmental measurements are essential for identifying and addressing potential risks and issues. Regular professional assessments can help detect and prevent problems ranging from air quality and noise levels to ergonomic challenges and chemical exposures. This not only protects your employees from injuries and illnesses but also enhances efficiency and reduces staff turnover.
Our tailored services help you identify workplace environmental issues.

Our Methodology for Systematic Work Environment Management (SAM)

The SAM regulation (AFS 2001:1) outlines the employer's responsibility to regularly examine working conditions and assess risks that may cause health issues. We apply a holistic and proactive SAM methodology with follow-ups, integrating safety, work environment, and environmental aspects into our services. With DEKRA, you can be assured that your workplace environmental measurements are conducted by experienced and competent experts, ensuring that your employees work under healthy conditions.
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