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Calibration of torque wrenches

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All torque wrenches, whether digital or analogue, need to be calibrated at least at an interval of 12 months or 5000 cycles/click (whichever comes first) with a tolerance of ±4% - ±6% to meet the requirements of ISO 6789.
Torque wrenches are used in many areas such as automotive, aviation, industry, etc. Calibration of torque wrenches is fundamental to ensure a continued high quality during the production of your business, regardless of high and low torques. A correct calibration of the torque wrench will contribute to better, repeatable, safe and accurate drawing of torques.
We at DEKRA Kalibrering have a complete solution for torque wrenches and use accredited calibrated equipment to perform calibration on your torque wrenches. With our modern calibration equipment, we calibrate everything from angle torque wrenches and smaller torque chisels to torque wrenches up to 3000Nm. We also have a fully equipped workshop for repairs of Stahlwille torque wrenches.
Does DEKRA come to us and calibrate our equipment?
Yes, we calibrate on site at the customer. With 8 buses we cover the whole country.
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How do you calibrate a torque wrench?
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For questions and contact:
Calibration Section Manager, Alexander Johansson alexander​.johansson@​dekra​.com , +46 (0)10-455 18 72

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