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Calibrating Torque Wrenches: Ensuring Quality and Precision

DEKRA's experts in torque wrench calibration are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment performs at the highest level.
Do you require professional assistance with the calibration of your torque wrenches? Whether they are digital or analog, regular calibration of torque wrenches is of utmost importance. Proper calibration should be carried out at intervals of at least 12 months or after 5000 cycles/clicks, depending on which occurs first. Furthermore, ISO 6789 mandates that calibration adheres to a tolerance range of ±4% to ±6%.
Why Choose DEKRA Calibration for Your Torque Wrenches?
Our experts in torque wrench calibration are committed to guaranteeing that your equipment performs at its highest level. Here are some advantages of selecting DEKRA Calibration:
  • Continuous High Quality. By regularly calibrating your torque wrenches, you can be confident that your products and processes maintain a high standard of quality.
  • Traceability and History. Our system enables you to easily trace the status and history of your calibrated torque wrenches. This proves invaluable during audits and quality inspections.
  • Calibration Certificates for Audits. We provide comprehensive calibration certificates that serve as evidence that your torque wrenches are accurately calibrated.
  • International Standards. Calibrating your torque wrenches in accordance with ISO 6789 requirements ensures that your company adheres to international standards and norms.
  • Improved, Repeatable, and Safe Torque Application. Accurately calibrated torque wrenches guarantee precise and safe torque application, which is crucial in preventing errors and accidents.
Applications for Torque Wrenches
Torque wrenches are an indispensable component of various industries, including the automotive, aviation, and manufacturing sectors. Whether you work with high or low torque, calibrating torque wrenches is fundamental to maintaining consistent high-quality production.
DEKRA Calibration - A Comprehensive Solution
At DEKRA Calibration, we offer a comprehensive solution for calibrating torque wrenches. We utilize accredited and meticulously calibrated equipment to perform calibrations on your torque wrenches. Our modern calibration equipment can handle everything from angle torque wrenches and smaller torque screwdrivers to powerful torque wrenches with capacities of up to 3000 Nm. Similarly, we maintain a fully equipped workshop for Stahlwille torque wrench repairs.
Choose DEKRA Calibration to ensure precision, quality, and safety in your torque applications. We are dedicated to helping you meet the highest standards and requirements in your industry. Take the first step toward better calibration by contacting us today - discover the benefits our service can offer your company.
Precision is critical in every industry. ISO 6789 compliance is essential. DEKRA supplies precise calibration of torque wrenches.
    - Ensure Accuracy and Reliability.
    - Maintain Consistent Product Quality.
    - Enhance Operational Safety.
    Does DEKRA come to our location to calibrate our equipment?
    Yes, we calibrate on-site at the customer's location. With 8 buses, we cover the entire country.
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