Accredited for inspection

Construction, agricultural or forestry machines

Inspection of motorized equipment and tractors

Tractor or excavator, backhoe loader, loader or wheel loader. Dear child has many names. No matter what, we are responsible for the inspection.

It doesn't matter what the motorized equipment are called or where they are to be used, they all have to be safe. DEKRA is accredited to inspect all types of construction, agricultural or forestry machinery. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of accreditation, this is an approval issued by the authority SWEDAC. Being accredited is a requirement for carrying out inspections of, among other things, motorized equipment.
We carry out, among other things:
  • Recurring inspection of excavators
  • Fire protection inspection according to SBF 127* (no extinguishing system)
  • Tailgate lifts
  • Cabs that can be raised and lowered
  • Registration inspection
  • Control inspection
  • Suitability inspection
  • Recurring inspection of crane
  • Testing and checking of lifting forks and lifting equipment
  • Recurring inspection of personal lifting device
  • IBC - intermediate bulk container tanks
  • ADR
  • Weighing of vehicles
We also check:

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