Whistleblower Policy

Together we create security.

DEKRA Sweden AB, DEKRA Industrial AB, DEKRA Automotive AB and DEKRA Quality Management AB (hereinafter jointly referred to as "DEKRA") work to combat bribery, corruption and other misconduct in our group. An important part of this is to make it possible for those who come into contact with DEKRA in their work to report misconduct in a simple and safe way.
The purpose of the whistleblowing system is to make it possible to report any problems and misconduct in which there is a public interest. Any misconduct concerning your work situation or employment conditions should instead be raised through DEKRA's usual channels, for example by reporting to your immediate supervisor, your manager's manager or to HR. In the system, you can choose whether you want to remain anonymous or not. The system aims to ensure that people who report misconduct in good faith are protected from retaliation as a result of such reporting.
The DEKRA whistleblowing system is provided by BKMS® Incident Reporting through DEKRA's German parent company DEKRA SE, DEKRA SE, Handwerkstrasse 15, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany.
You can report by clicking on this link: Whistleblowing policy .