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An independent inspection company.

Safety has been DEKRA's statutory mission since 1925. With innovative services, DEKRA contributes to increased safety on the road, at work and at home.

To be an accredited inspection organization is to be approved by the authority SWEDAC in order to carry out, among other things, safety checks. The company must have routines, for example technical instructions and checklists, and that the technicians must have adequate training. SWEDAC carries out regular audits to ensure that inspections are carried out in a safe manner. DEKRA Industrial AB is accredited to, for example, carry out various types of inspections.

It is a big advantage for us to be an independent inspection company and not a regular consulting company. We have succeeded in our challenge, to always have safety in focus but at the same time help customers through good service and cooperation.

Christian Sivertsen, CEO of DEKRA Industrial AB.
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