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Extend the life of the construction of balconies and walkways through condition assessment

Balconies and Walkways

Inspection of Balconies and Walkways

A condition assessment is the key to cost savings through, among other things, reduced maintenance costs.

DEKRA offers a detailed condition assessment that identifies damage and extends the life of the concrete structure.
Many balconies and walkways are susceptible to concrete and reinforcement damage, often related to construction deficiencies such as reinforcement placement and concrete quality. Chloride ingress, carbonation, and frost spalling are just a few of the damage mechanisms that can threaten the functionality of the structure. If damages are not handled correctly and promptly, they can lead to serious consequences for you as a property owner.
We ensure the quality of the concrete and its component materials.
Our Offer
DEKRA provides a detailed condition assessment that identifies damages and extends the lifespan of concrete structures. We ensure the quality of concrete and its components, provide practical recommendations, and offer technical specifications for construction procurement. With DEKRA's expertise in concrete inspection, you can identify and address potential issues in a timely manner, minimizing repairs and costs.
Our inspection process includes a meticulous assessment of the current condition and remaining lifespan of the balcony or walkway. We conduct on-site sampling and analyze them in our concrete laboratory. Deficiencies and potential damages are documented in a detailed report, including recommendations for maintenance actions and repairs.
Over the years, DEKRA has assisted numerous companies and property owners in identifying and addressing concrete-related issues in balconies and walkways. Feel free to contact us and discover how we can help you ensure long-term sustainability and preserve the value of your property.
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