DEKRA at the “Eurobike 2024” international trade show

Testing Quality and Safety

Jun 20, 2024 Digital & Product Solutions / Safety on the road / Industrial
  • Liability and reputational risks relating to e-bikes and cargo bikes
  • Safety testing to ensure quality
  • Damage analysis and appraisals from an accredited test laboratory

The manufacturers and distributors of bicycles must demonstrably ensure the safety of their products in order to minimize their liability and reputational risks. In Hall 8 at the “Eurobike 2024” international trade show, taking place from July 3 to 7, 2024, DEKRA will be showcasing its testing and certification solutions for safe bikes that are fit for purpose. DEKRA experts will also be demonstrating the company’s damage analysis and appraisal services.

The safety testing of e-bike components and entire products by an accredited test laboratory can be an important element of quality assurance, especially in the case of electric cargo bikes that are also used to transport people – especially children. The bikes are technologically complex and highly developed. Like all vehicles, bicycles and e-bikes must be able to withstand considerable stresses. During the design phase, bicycles are already optimized for their specific use scenarios, and purchasers expect maximum functionality, variability and safety.
Damage is often caused by consumers using the end products incorrectly. In the case of cargo bikes, for example, this may be by overloading. It is therefore all the more important that distributors comply with product safety standards and statutory provisions such as CE conformity, Germany’s Machine Ordinance, and the European EMC Directive, obtaining verification of this compliance from an independent body like DEKRA. The product’s maximum load-bearing capacity must also be clearly specified.
DEKRA’s accredited test laboratories have the expertise and the equipment for conducting tests in accordance with the main standards for e-bikes – DIN EN 15194, DIN EN 17404, and the supplementary international testing standards. For example, safety-relevant components undergo static and dynamic testing on the component tester to verify their load-bearing capacity. In addition, experts perform quality and benchmark tests.
A manufacturer’s or distributor’s duty of care also includes investigating the causes of damage in the event of a series of incidents on the market. For this situation, DEKRA’s experts in the accredited materials testing laboratory offer reliable damage analysis to identify the causes of damage and material defects in components. The experts may also be commissioned by end users, retailers, workshops, and insurers to provide damage appraisals and bicycle assessments.
Moreover, DEKRA’s branches across Germany offer the full range of services for commercial e-bike users such as safety training in accordance with hazard assessment or the inspection of bikes for business customers in line with Germany’s accident prevention regulations (UVV).
DEKRA at Eurobike 2024
Hall 8.0, Booth F10
The specialist program at Eurobike 2024 will also benefit from DEKRA’s expertise. For example, a DEKRA representative is among the participants in a panel discussion at the Mobility Convention:
  • LAW AND ORDER: Promoting cycling through legal guidelines for damage reportings (Panel)
    July 4, 2024, 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Yellow Stage, Hall 8.0
    Tilo Eilers, expert for bicycle damage, DEKRA Automobil GmbH