Certified welders

The certificates are personal and are obtained after an approved welding test

Personal Certification Welding

Authorities, standards and customers can make demands that the welding work be carried out by certified welders. The certificates are personal and are obtained after an approved welding test. The certificates are valid for 2 or 3 years (depending on the standard) provided the welder can demonstrate that he/she maintains his/her competence. DEKRA Industrial AB is an accredited certification body according to ISO/IEC 17024 and a Notified Body according to the Pressure Vessels Directive 2014/68/EU.
DEKRA certifies Welders according to the entire SS-EN ISO 9606 series as well as welding operators/machine operators according to SS-EN ISO 14732. DEKRA also performs personal certification for solderers according to SS-EN 13585.
With around fifty welding supervisors at various locations in Sweden, you are always close to certification. With DEKRA's web tool "welDBase" you easily get an overview of the company's certifications.
Inform DEKRA if special needs exist.
If you have questions about certification, contact one of our experts, you will find their contact details further down the page.
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We want to do our best to ensure that you receive good treatment and of course all our decisions must be impartial and correct. If you have suggestions for improvement or views on our operations, we will gratefully receive them.
If you are dissatisfied with something, you can file a complaint or appeal a certification decision. Complaints about DEKRA Industrial's handling of certification tasks for personal certification of Welders should be made to the Technical Manager Welding or Quality Manager DEKRA, Solna, Hemvärnsgatan 11B, 171 26 Solna, exchange 010-455 10 00. You can also use the form at the bottom of this page.
Receipt of the complaint or appeal must be confirmed by DEKRA to the complainant within 10 working days. Assessment and investigation of the complaint will be carried out by personnel independent of the assignment, normally the Welding Technical Manager and the Quality Manager. The results of the analysis and investigation as well as the decision on measures are communicated to the complainant for the opportunity to comment as soon as possible.
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