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Working Environment & External Environment

Everyone wants to come home from work

But few want to stay home for good.

Workplaces are very different, but it isn't always self-evident that high risks lead to more injuries, or vice versa. Being early to see and correct risks creates safety. The problem can be in detecting the risks and then properly correcting them. DEKRA's HSE specialists have worked for several years with helping customers to improve their working environments. Checklists and routines are being constantly developed to establish safety through structure and simplicity.
- Our customers appreciate that we know what is required to comply with laws and standards. Establishing safety and in turn profitability, doesn’t need to be complicated, says Jari Salo, manager for Work Environment & External Environment Services.
ABOUT: HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment.
Property, Construction & Facilities

Safe construction site.

For every building, construction and installation work there must be a construction work environment coordinator, this also applies to simpler service work on premises. It is the person who has the work carried out, the client, who is responsible for appointing coordinators for planning and projecting (BAS-P) and for execution (BAS-U). The client's responsibility can also be transferred to a contractor, depending on the form of procurement.
Years of experience from the HSE, health, safety, environment and process safety area have enabled DEKRA to develop a broad knowledge. Today, this makes it possible for us to support our customers at every phase of an HSE project. Through local representation in many countries, DEKRA can be your companion and help you guarantee security, safety and quality.
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