Review of materials

DEKRA has advanced methods, well-equipped laboratories and experts in the field

Materials & Metallurgy Welding

To assess the condition of a component, the remaining life of a structure or the quality of a welding job, different materials must be examined in detail. For that, DEKRA has advanced methods, well-equipped laboratories and experts with sharp eyes. DEKRA has a total of nine European laboratories with extensive experience in the field of materials technology.
Due to, for example, heat, high mechanical load, corrosion or wear, the properties of a material can change during the lifetime of a construction. The changes often occur in the material's microstructure and, if not detected in time, can lead to components breaking with serious breakdowns as a result. The study of such changes is the core activity of DEKRA's laboratories.
The specialists work closely with you as a customer to find the optimal solution to a given problem. It can be about everything from corrosion to how materials and components behave at high temperatures. The materials consultancy is intimately linked to the activities in the laboratories.
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