Prevent defects and secure constructions through condition assessment

Condition assessment is the key to preventing damage and contributes to long durability

Condition assessment – Concrete

Assessment and condition for constructions of concrete.

When investigating the status of a concrete structure, condition assessment is a crucial process for the safety and durability of concrete structures.

Concrete structures, from towering buildings to expansive bridges constitute the fundamental elements of modern civilization. Yet, over time, they are subjected to wear and tear. In concrete inspection, condition assessment is a crucial process for the safety and longevity of concrete structures.
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DEKRA ensures operational conditions of Concrete Structures.




What Does Condition Assessment for Concrete Entail?

Condition assessment involves meticulous inspections and testing that form the basis for evaluating concrete's state, structure, strength, and integrity. It is a comprehensive evaluation that includes:
  • In-Depth Analysis: Measurement and sampling methods are employed to provide a comprehensive picture of concrete's condition. This includes measuring concrete thickness and sampling for laboratory analysis.
  • Identification of Causes: It establishes the underlying causes of any damage or deterioration, whether it's moisture ingress, chemical attacks, overloading, or construction-related issues. Identifying causes enables the implementation of preventive measures.
  • Risk Assessment: A thorough evaluation includes assessing the risk of future problems and the potential consequences if actions are not taken.
  • Action Recommendations: Based on the results of the condition assessment, action recommendations are formulated, including necessary repairs or maintenance measures aimed at extending the concrete's lifespan and preserving its functionality.

Concrete inspection

Here is more specific information about concrete inspection in specific areas.
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